No matter what the language or location is, accuracy and precision are paramount in legal content. Succeeding globally requires a language and IP services solution, paired with expert resources, efficient processes, robust quality checks, trustworthy security processes, and the technology capable of running it all for the fastest turnaround possible.

With our decade worth of experience in the global legal industry, we’re your ideal partner to help you thrive worldwide. 

Whatever your demand might be, we provide comprehensive legal solutions tailored to your firm’s specific requirements with an unsurpassed level of personal service – ensuring that it’s fast, precise, and secure.

Here are the services we offer for your legal needs:

  • Specialized legal translation: Get the highest-quality specialized legal translations using industry-leading, powered by secure cloud-based solutions. Whether you’ve large volumes or exceptionally short time frames, our legal professional team at Ispero can take care of all your needs. 
  • Intellectual property (IP) services: Ispero is the world’s leading expert in global intellectual property (IP) services. We’re skilled at automating international patent filing, translating patents in all required languages, and offering patent search services.
  • Interpreting: Our team, consisting of interpreters with extensive legal experience, is qualified to help mediate and translate complex legal exchanges.