Lakehead University Shuts Down Campuses and Computers After Cyberattack

A cyberattack hit the public research institution at Lakehead University (LU) in Ontario, Canada, on Tuesday. Since then, the computer systems at University have remained offline with officials shutting down all computer systems at the Thunder Bay and Orillia campuses.

With a message, faculty members and students were informed of the attack. However, it isn’t clear how the attackers managed to infiltrate the information systems of the university. 

The team of Lakehead University’s Technology Services Centre (TSC) is currently managing the still ongoing cyber attack, affecting their campuses’ servers. The team has removed all the access to their servers, to protect the system and data to as much extent as possible. 

Lakehead’s data and servers have been offline since February 16, with two online virtual tour events also getting postponed. 

According to the TSC team, it’s apparent that the attackers targeted LU’s file share servers. Due to this attack, campus computers remain unavailable until IT and cybersecurity experts continue to evaluate the extent of the breach.

This attack is bound to affect upcoming events in the academic year. Students have been advised to remain patient until faculty members provide further instructions