Technology, Media & Entertainment

Redefining customer experience, capitalizing on digital convergence, and quickly launching new business models should be the priority for Technology, Media and Entertainment, Telecommunications companies to gain an edge in this rapidly changing and super-competitive digital world. The team at Ispero can help you on all these fronts.

Technology Domain

Six Technology shifts impacting the Technology sector:

  1. Enterprises are re-platforming.
  2. The digital domain is getting competitive day by day. 
  3. Reliance on guesswork is long gone and businesses have started to measure their online returns. 
  4. Businesses are getting stronger through cyber resilience.
  5. Digital business extensions are allowing businesses to grow.
  6. AI is not only getting smarter but also more practical.

Why Ispero is the best choice for your technological needs: 

Media and Entertainment Domain

The media and entertainment industry is undergoing major disruptions. Consumption habits are changing rapidly, and consumers today expect content to be delivered anytime, anywhere, and on any device – phones, tablets, and even cars.  

Media and entertainment companies are not only challenged with delivering personalized content, but that content also needs to be distributed to multiple markets faster and more efficiently.

Companies must increase content quality while also finding ways to extract maximum value from it. Ispero helps media and entertainment companies stay agile and relevant in a fast-changing world.

Why Ispero is the best choice for your Media and Entertainment Domain needs:

Telecommunication Domain

Three Technology shifts impacting the Telecommunication sector:

  1. 5G. Telecommunications companies are racing to make 5G a reality. But implementing 5G takes deep technology know-how in the integration of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) stacks, along with the cloud enablement of tech stack elements.
  2. Rise of OTTs. Competition from over-the-top (OTT) media players is forcing telecom companies to partner with and become OTT solution providers. Providing quality content not only drives new revenue streams but builds customer loyalty, which in turn allows telecom companies to reinvest in their network capabilities.
  3. Harnessing the data explosion. Analytics and machine learning are helping telecom operators put data to work to reduce customer churn, make better marketing decisions and optimize network design. And to keep customers loyal, telecoms are moving into predictive maintenance to detect and fix problems, and they’re also leveraging social media and deploying chatbots and other forms of automation to improve the customer experience.

Why Ispero is the best choice for your Telecommunication needs: