Bellus 3D provides Fast, Easy, Lifelike3D Face Scanning. 

Bellus3D is creating and driving the next generation of 3D face scanning hardware and software technologies. They help businesses in various domains to develop products with a high level of personalization.

How to Scan a Face with Bellus3D?

Bellus3D face-scanning allows you to capture a detailed 3D model of a face. The scan uses hundreds of thousands of projected infrared dots to generate a highly accurate face model.

Companies across a wide variety of industries are using Bellus3D face scans for customized products, animation, and 3D printing.

With its iOS app (Bellus3D FaceApp), you can easily and quickly capture a 3D face scan and then allow you to download a 3D file (either STL, OBJ or PLY format).

The Bellus3D ARC system is a standalone, multi-camera scanning solution that leverages proprietary cameras supporting both RGB and infrared capture of extremely detailed face data. The ARC system takes extremely fast and high-resolution scans (~ 3 seconds), requiring no movement by the subject. The ARC system has been designed for professional environments, with the ability to capture over 1M polygons with sub-millimeter accuracy.

Where can the technology be used?