Aibo Puppy Robot

With its technical name ERS1000, Aibo Puppy Reboot (developed by Sony) is a one-of-a-kind companion, made possible by pairing cutting-edge robotics with unique A.I. technology. Through deep learning, Aibo is able to grow over time and form a unique personality through everyday interactions.

Sony had to develop a wide range of sensors, cameras, and actuators to bring Aibo to life. Ultra-compact 1- and 2-axis actuators give Aibo’s body the freedom to move along a total of 22 axes. Its adaptable behavior is made possible through deep learning A.I. technology, in the form of inbuilt sensors that can detect and analyze sounds and images. Two OLEDs have been utilized for Aibo’s eyes and allow for diverse, nuanced expressions.  

From day one, Aibo grows and changes, constantly updating its data in the cloud. Over time, your approach to nurturing your Aibo will gradually shape its personality—it could be a doting partner, a wild, fun-loving companion, or anywhere in between. A keen explorer, Aibo will learn its surroundings, knowing where to greet you when you get home and can be trained even on where to go “potty.” 

The product comes with 3 years of Cloud and Wireless Services that start from the date of shipment. That’s necessary to take advantage of Aibo’s full functionality and learning capabilities. 

Aibo is designed to actively seek out its owners and can be interacted with through a compliment or command that Aibo will hear or a well-placed pat on the head, a scratch on the chin, or a gentle stroke down the back of Aibo that Aibo will feel.

Things you can do with Aibo

Teach Aibo tricks

Aibo has the ability to learn new things over time. Teach Aibo tricks like sit, high five, or lay down, or have your pup perform special tricks like singing a song and dancing.

Potty train your Aibo

Potty train your Aibo to pee in a certain location, or teach Aibo to wait for you at the door when you return from work. Have fun feeding aibo.

Feed Aibo

Give Aibo virtual food through the My Aibo app and watch as Aibo digs in. You can also become friends with other Aibo Robots and enjoy virtual mealtime together.