Designed to go against conventional footwear which uses Polyurethane and PVC (petroleum-based products), EUYEN is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable shoe. 

Euyen sneakers are made with a foamed natural rubber using a unique technology with no usage of any harmful chemicals or substances. This means that when disposed of either as non-burnable garbage or so on, there is no cause for concern that they will make VOCs, making them completely harmless to humans, animals, plant life as well as the environment.

The shoes pack a lighter sole, all thanks to their innovative foamed natural rubber. Foamed rubber has tiny pockets of air traps and as rubber becomes solid, those air holes still persist, making shoes spongy and light.

Euyen shoes are durable and don’t slip, allowing them to keep up with other shoes that use EVA or Polyurethane.

But that’s not all in the design department.

The shoes would start getting shipped in May 2021 and are available in classic colors of Black, White, or Grey Sand.