Designed to replace bulky vacuum sealing machines, SealVax is a compact vacuum sealing device, powered by your phone. SealVax consists of a reusable food bag & vacuum sealing device. 

SealVax is small enough to fit on your keychain, in your pocket, or right on your refrigerator! It comes equipped with a magnet so you don’t even have to worry about losing it in your drawer. 

SealVax can be used to store ingredients that would otherwise quickly spoil, or go bad. For example, ground beef can go bad in a refrigerator within 3 days. But when vacuum sealed it can last up to 10 days. 

The plastic that’s used to manufacture SealVax is GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard). SealVax is produced with pre-consumer recycled content, which is a product that never reached its end users. GRS-certified raw material can be found in the vacuum sealer, the sealer bar, and the liquid isolator.  

The bag is anti-bacterial, making the bag even more ideal for food storage. The material used has been called: Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Additives.  

The vacuum sealing device is 100% powered by phone, allowing one to vacuum your bag air-tight in just 15 seconds. SealVax uses almost no power (less than 1% of battery life) and works seamlessly, and without a problem, with your smartphone.