Authenta is a simple, and integrated Security-as-a-Service platform that leverages existing Flash Memory sockets to enable IoT device health and identity. With Micron’s Authenta Technology, it adds security features directly into flash memory for one security architecture for any SoC, FPGA, or ASIC. 
Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges and barriers to the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) deployments and associated business models across many market verticals like industrial, smart cities, medical, automotive, connected homes, etc.   

Micron (developer of Authenta) is leveraging its position as a leader in the manufacturing of flash memory, and a leader in the embedded markets, to create a whole new paradigm to address these security challenges. Micron developed the Authenta(TM) Security-as-a-Service platform as a cost-effective, widely scalable, and business-appropriate way to employ security across a diverse set of systems with fragmented supply-chains and ecosystems.

Authenta platform is a combination of the Authenta enabled flash, which has the integration of secure element function in the flash with provisioned identities, and a Authenta Key Management Service. This provides a simple activation and ownership change service for a wide range of IoT security services and device management services. The combination of these two capabilities, along with the commitment of a market leader to drive the solution to the market, creates a very attractive proposition for our customers in the securing of their products in an everything-connected world.

Authenta Advantages

Security By Design

Built-in strong cryptographic identity by design, Authenta simplifies secure device management from supply chain to provisioning and all the way through in-field updates. 

Low-Security Total Cost of Ownership

Scalable solution to even the smallest embedded devices lowers the total cost of implementing and managing class security and defense-in-depth strategies.

Zero Component Solution

Security features built natively in flash memory enable advanced system-level protection with hardware roots of trust, without adding any new hardware components.