Java developer

Exp: 6+ Years

Qualification: Btech or MBA


  1. The ideal candidate must have experience in enterprise application design, system performance and scalability
  2. 6+ year experience in web services, distributed systems, and highly available and scalable applications.
  3. Strong object-oriented programming skills in Java, Hibernate, Spring Boot
  4. Very good knowledge of Core Java and J2EE and should have worked on high availability, low latency platforms.
  5. Ability to question status quo and identify bad design/code patterns which can impact performance and maintainability of the code.
  6. Excellent understanding of system design and design patterns.
  7. Previous experience with the Agile methodology.
  8. Experience in developing robust RESTful services is desirable.
  9. Have very good communication skills
  10. Have strong experience in the Spring framework.
  11. Good experience in SQL/Oracle

Job Type: Contract To Hire

Job Category: Software Developer

Job Positions: 12

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